Tracy Isaac
Campus Visit Coordinator
Head Tennis Coach
Assistant Professor of Art & Design
Pro-Rata Assistant Professor of Health and Human Performance
Special Teams/Strength and Conditioning
Physical Plant Office Manager
Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Faculty Athletic Representative
Terell Krone - Sterling College
Administrative Assistant for Student Life
Kelly Kuhn
McVay Endowed Business Chair; Professor of Business
Ezekiel Lacey - Sterling College
Campbell Hall Resident Director
Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs; Professor of Athletic Training
Professor of Athletic Training, Director of Graduate Athletic Training Program, Director of Athletic Training Services, Department Chair for Health Science
Head Men's Soccer Coach
Carrie McGlynn - Sterling College
Assistant Director of Online Enrollment Services
Laryssa McMartin - Sterling College
Head Swimming Coach
Mikki Millhouse - Sterling College
Associate Librarian
Roy Millhouse - Sterling College
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies; Chair of Theology & Ministry
Estephany Moncada - Sterling College
Associate Chaplain; Diversity Officer
Justin Morris - Sterling College
Associate Vice President of Athletics and Facility Management
Assistant Professor of Health Science; Health and Human Performance Program
Katie O'Brien - Sterling College
Enrollment Services Counselor
Sexual Assault Advocate, Life Coach
Micah Oelze - Sterling College
Assistant Professor of Communications
Emalee Overbay - Sterling College