Class Notes 1955

Arleen Smith Whittaker (Music)
I really enjoyed our 50th reunion and want to thank those who worked so hard putting it all together and also the booklet. To mention a few: Beve, Margaret, Irena. Thanks for including me even though I only went to Sterling my first two years--but THEY were great. - 2005-10-22

Class Notes 1961

Ralph W. Milligan (music religion)
After retiring as Executive Director of Presbyterian Samaritan Counseling Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, Ralph W. Milligan (61) spent six months as interim pastor of Hurunui Presbyterian Parishes on the South Island of New Zealand.
- 2007-06-28

Class Notes 1965

Lynne Myers (Education)
The Rev Dr Lynne (Minteer) Myers ('65) has been called as the Interim Executive Presbyter of de Cristo Presbytery. She and her husband, Steve ('64) now reside at 524 E. Wine Plum Dr., Tucson, AZ, 85704 - 2006-10-24

Class Notes 1966

Joe Lang (history & pol sci)
It was fun seeing so many from '66 at the 40th(!) reunion last Homecoming. I hope all of you and many more will come to the 120th this July so we can share with friends from other classes as well. See you there! - 2007-06-10

Class Notes 1967

Kenneth Killian
Remember the great years at Sterling College? Let's have a fantastic turnout for our 40th reunion! We all know how fast time goes, so be sure to attend and see your "old" friends. I'm looking forward to this very much! - 2007-09-29

Paul Phelps
I'm planning on being at the 40th reunion in October. If I can make it from Arizona, you can make it from wherever you are currently calling home. Hope to see many of you there. - 2007-09-10

Frieda Nichols (Medical Technology)
Save these Dates!! October 19&20,2007

Letter to the Campus

H1N1 (Swine Flu) Letter to the Campus

As you may know, flu can be spread easily from person to person. Several colleges in the state of Kansas are already experiencing students who are infected with the H1N1 Flu (also known as Swine Flu). Therefore, we are taking steps to prevent the spread of flu at Sterling College for as long as possible, but, we need your help to accomplish this.