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Tournament Info

Tournament Description

Students will compete in intercollegiate tournaments on college campuses across the country. These tournaments normally consist of six preliminary rounds of debate and two preliminary rounds of individual events, followed by an appropriate number of elimination rounds based on the size of the tournament. Tournaments consist of multiple colleges and universities and dozens, if not hundreds, of individual competitors and coaches. Tournaments are typically 2 days in length, with the exception of swing tournament which may be 3 days in length.

Parliamentary Debate

Common throughout the United States, Canada and most of the English-speaking world, parliamentary debate is the most popular form of intercollegiate debate in the world and it is growing quickly even in non-English-speaking environments. The format employs some of the stylistic conventions of the British House of Commons, however, as practiced in the United States (NPDA-style) parliamentary debate much more resembles high school and collegiate policy debate. The most notable differences between the two genres are the lack of evidence ("cards") and the general lack of speed in delivery.

Lincoln Douglas Debate

One person policy debate which examines the benefits versus the harms of a proposed government action. NFA LD was created in 1991 and is closer to high school policy debate and college CETA/NDT debate than to either high school LD or Parliamentary Debate. The primary differences, besides a one vs one person format, are a more conversational speaking style, shorter and fewer speeches, and a lower volume of evidence.

Sterling Debate & Forensics Individual Events

Impromptu Speaking: An impromptu speech, serious in nature, with topic selections varied by round and by section. Topics will be of a proverb nature. Speakers will have a total of 7 minutes for both preparation and speaking. Timing commences with the acceptance of the topics sheet. Limited notes are permitted. Each speaker in a given section will choose to speak from one of the same two topics offered.

Institutional Profile

Sterling College is a Christ-centered liberal arts college that is on the rise. Recent years have marked good years for the College. Sterling’s enrollment has grown each of the past six years and fall 2010 enrollment reached 736, an all-time high in its 123-year history. Recent years have seen the transformation of many aspects of the College, providing the foundation for an exciting future. The College created Sterling College Online in 2007 to offer an on-line degree completion program. The program currently has 77 students and envisions substantial growth.