Faculty Code of Ethics

2.9.2 Code of Professional Ethics

Although no set of rules or professional code can either guarantee or take the place of the faculty's personal integrity, the faculty of Sterling College believe that a written code of ethics may serve as a reminder of the variety of obligations assumed by all members of the academic profession. The Statement

The following Code of Professional Ethics was adopted by the Faculty Assembly November 19, 1986.


Looking for a place to stay close to Sterling College? Here's the list of Sterling area lodging options from several Bed and Breakfast places to local and chain hotels.

Sterling Homestay
A Sterling Bed and Breakfast
312 N. 4th Street
Sterling, KS 67579

Quick Facts

Sterling College is a four-year college with a tradition of providing Christ-centered liberal arts education since its founding in 1887.

• The College has an enrollment of 650 students.

• Sterling has more than 20 academic programs and concentrations, totaling 80+ programs of study.

• The student to faculty ratio is 11/1.

Board of Trustees

Larry D. Dashiell ’76, Portland, OR
Retired,  Portland School District

Glennys Doane '73, Downs, KS
Volunteer for several educational organizations, Board Vice Chair

Dr. Dan Fahrenholtz '68, Greeley, CO
Physician, North Colorado Family Medicine

Dr. Ray Farag '71, Wichita, KS
Teacher and Consultant for USD 259

Foster Family Program


  • Would you like to get to know a local family?
  • Would you like to have an occasional home-cooked meal or a place to hang out off campus?
  • Would you like to have a local family that attends your sporting event, theatre production, choir concert, art show, etc. to support you?

STIR Newspaper

The Sterling Stir is produced by Sterling College students and printed bi-monthly in and by the Sterling Bulletin.

We seek to serve the Sterling College community with news and information. We work towards goals of honesty and integrity while always seeking the truth. We also work with an understanding of service to a Christian community.