Student Aid Report

Watch For Your Student Aid Report

  • After you file the FAFSA, read the first page of the Student Aid Report (SAR) as it contains important instructions.
  • Review for accuracy. Make corrections as necessary.
  • Complete and provide any other documentation requested by the Sterling College financial aid office.
  • More questions? Contact Financial Aid.

To learn before becoming a SC student...

Financial Limitations

  • Be clear about what you can contribute toward expenses in advance.
  • Talk to your student about what their financial responsibilities should be, whether it is working a part-time job, applying for financial aid or taking out a student loan.
  • Be sure to remind them that every family is different and therefore their friends may have different financial obligations and responsibilities.

How Do I Schedule a Personal Visit

To schedule a Personal Visit:

  • Review the Campus Calendar.  It is best to visit when classes are in session to get the full SC experience.  However, the Admissions Office is often open during breaks, and could still offer a Personal Visit but meetings with professors may not be available (nor will classes, chapel or overnight stays).
  • Review all of the Campus Visit Opportunities offered.

Tuition & Financial Aid FAQ

When are loan disbursements expected?

Disbursements are made 3 times a year (October, March, and June), each occurring 14 days after loans have been posted to student accounts.

Can I always expect there to be excess funds available after my tuition is paid?


How do I receive excess funds?

Excess funds are disbursed in the form of a check and will be mailed out to the address that is on file.

Are all students eligible for PELL?