Payment Plans 2021-2022

Failure to pay balance will result in a hold being placed on the account and student will not be allowed to enroll in future classes.Failure to pay balance will result in a hold being placed on the account and student will not be allowed to enroll in future classes.Payment Terms

  • Plan One: Pay net amount due by August 15th for the fall semester or by January 15th for the spring semester. Net amount due represents total charges, less any scholarships, grants or student loans confirmed by the Financial Aid Office. Sterling College accepts Visa, Discover, and Mastercard. Online payments may be paid through the secure student portal by selecting 'Pay on My Account' located in the student account information. 

Financial Aid Verification


The Financial Aid Office will verify all applications that have been selected by the Department of Education. If there is conflicting information in the file, the conflict must be resolved even if the application is not selected by the Department of Education for verification. The conflict may be resolved without being chosen for total verification. Sterling College reserves the right to institutionally select student files on a case-by-case basis if there is reason to believe that data in the file or on the application is inaccurate.

Colorado/Kansas Connection

Did you know that Colorado is our third most populated state among our student body, following Kansas and California? Did you also know that variety of students from the Centennial State have found a new home in our tight-knit, Christ-centered community.

And while you're here, we have tons of activities, athletics and artistic opportunities you can join in--whether you have experience or not.

Room Grant

Sterling College is offering a limited number of Room Grants for outstanding academic students.

Room Grant

  • Incoming Freshman
  • Must live on campus
  • 3.5/28 or higher ACT or equivalent score on SAT/Accuplacer/PSAT

Get your deposit in today! For more information, contact or call 800-346-1017.

Art and Design Scholarship Requirements

Art & Design Scholarship Requirements

  • Present 15 pieces of your absolute best work. Use this series as an opportunity to show us competence in a variety of media and subject matter.

    Each piece should be photographed or scanned and either.

    a) printed in a portfolio, OR 

    b) provided as JPGs on a CD. (JPGs must be a minimum of 1024x768 pixels) 

  • Portfolio or CD and essay should be clearly labeled with student's name and contact information.

Kansas Private College Week

Kansas is home to 18 private, accredited non-profit colleges and universities who serve more than 24,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year; and those institutions award 22% of Kansas’ bachelor’s degrees and 25% of the state’s master’s degrees.

Kansas’ private colleges and universities award over $154 million in institutional grants and scholarships annually to help students earn an invaluable college degree.

Fine Arts Scholarship Requirements

Audition, Interview and Portfolio Review Requirements 

Debate – Bring a complete listing of their competition record (tournaments and wins/losses) as well as a copy of a debate case (1st Affirmative Constructive) that they used during their time in HS. 

Forensics – Bring a complete listing of their competition record (events and place of finish) as well as a prepared complete speech or interpretive event, or portion of any speech or interpretive event that they used in competition during HS.