Parking & Map

If you plan on bringing a vehicle to campus, make sure to fill out the Vehicle Information section of online registration. Once we have this information, a parking permit will be issued ($50) to you. Place this sticker on your windshield on the lower passenger’s side corner right away to avoid getting a parking ticket. Replacement permits can be obtained from the Student Life office for a fee of $5.

Credit Transfer Information

Transfer Credit from Colleges/Universities

Sterling College transfers in courses, with a grade of C- or higher, that have been taken at a regionally accredited college or university.  Remedial/preparatory level credits and athletic participation credits will not be accepted for transfer. No more than 65 credit hours from a two-year college will count toward Sterling College graduation requirements.

Unaccredited coursework may be accepted on a case by case basis, upon evaluation and review.

Guaranteed Admission Advantage

The Guaranteed Admission Advantage allows a student with an Associate of/in Arts or an Associate of/in Science to obtain credit for all of the Sterling College general education requirements except for the Theology and Ministry Department courses and GD 105 Foundations of Servant Leadership. Your associate's degree could be worth more at Sterling College!


Admissions Terms and Conditions

Other Terms

Financial matters must be in order by September 10 and January 21 or the student may be dismissed from school. Students who fail to pay any amounts due are not eligible to re-enroll, receive grades, transcripts or diplomas until the account has been settled. All collection costs will be paid by the student. The College reserves the right to charge a student for damages to college property.

International Students

We value the insight, experience and diversity that international students bring to the Sterling experience. We invite you to join our student body to develop your intellect in a rigorous academic environment and your spirituality on our Christian campus. Come join our friendly community of students, staff and professors as you make Sterling your second home.



Home-School Students


The admissions staff at Sterling College understands that home-school students come from a different background than the traditional high school student. You may be acting as your own guidance counselor, so we would love to help you answer any questions that you may have about entering college. No question is too simple!

Five reasons to come to Sterling: