Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal from Courses

After the add/drop deadline, a students may elect to withdraw from a course and have a grade of “W” recorded on the transcript. To withdraw from a course, the student must complete a form, available from the Registrar’s Office, and have it signed by their academic advisor, coach, (if applicable) and instructor before returning it to the Registrar’s Office. The Academic Calendar provides the date of withdrawal. 

Federal Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Violations

Drug Conviction and Financial Aid Eligibility

As part of the Higher Education Act, a student may become ineligible for federal student aid upon conviction of any offense involving the possession or sale of illegal drugs during a period of enrollment in which federal aid was received (including all grants, loans, or work assistance). The following table outlines the policy on financial aid eligibility.

The possession of a controlled substance - Ineligibility period:


2021-2022 Costs

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