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This is what all this hard work is for, landing that job once you graduate. Not just any job…the job you’ve been preparing for! It is in this stage that you’ll apply for the positions you’re interested in, get the interviews, and wow the hiring manager so you get the offer(s) you’re after.

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Evaluating/Negotiating Salary:

  • Negotiating a Starting Salary
  • LinkedIn Salary provides great insight into compensation information including salary and bonus data for specific job titles, and the different factors that impact pay such as years of experience, industry, company size, location, and education level.
  • GlassdoorSalary.com, and ZipRecruiter allow you to check salaries reported by previous and current employees…this information gives you at least a starting point for evaluating or negotiating your salary.
  • Intuit provides salary ranges for many job titles based on incomes reported by those preparing their taxes with TurboTax.

Career Guides:

 Land Your Job Overview

 Job Search Tracking Worksheet

 Common Interview Questions Worksheet

 Thank You Letter Template (MS Word document)