Douglas Women's - Sterling CollegeDouglas Men and Women's Halls are the first new residence halls since 1963 and the first new buildings since 1996 when Mabee Library was completed. Each hall houses 48 students and are set up as suite-style living. Twelve rooms, each with their own private bath, surround a common living area. The two halls are reserved for upperclassmen; one houses men and one houses women. A separate apartment houses the resident director for the two halls.

Douglas Men and Women halls are furnished with brand new couches and lounge chairs where students can enjoy peaceful studying as well as social hangouts in the main lobby. On the bottom floor you can enjoy watching television on the big screen t.v or check your email on one of the three computers. Douglas Men and Women are the melting pots of Sterling as you can find a wide range of different personalities that make up the face of the dorms.

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Room Dimensions

Mattress 80” x 39”
Window Size 58 1/2” x 38”
Bathroom 7' x 7'
Bedroom 20' x 14'


Josiah Gunn - Sterling CollegeJosiah Gunn - Douglas Hall Resident Director

Growing up in Panama City, Panama allowed Josiah Gunn to experience culture in an absolutely crazy way. He did all of his schooling there until coming to the United States for college. Josiah spent two years at Sterling College and finished his degree through Liberty University. earning his Bachelor of Science in Religion. 

Josiah and his wife, Kansas Gunn, love spending time together, but they also love to host and entertain. God has put it in their hearts to serve and to use their gifts for His glory. Josiah and Kansas look  forward to being an influence in students lives and being able to share Christ with them.


Resident Assistants:

Lora Bebermeyer Sterling College KansasLora Bebermeyer

I was born in: Olathe, KS
I consider home to be: Sedgwick, KS
My favorite thing about Sterling College is: the people and laid back environment
What do you love about living in your residence hall? The opportunities for conversation and community building
I am currently a: Senior

My major is: Biology with a minor in Chemistry


Nicki Lucas Sterling College KansasNicki Lucas

I was born in: Fort Collins, CO
I consider home to be: Fort Collins, CO
My favorite thing about Sterling College is: The family environment and the constant encouragement to pursue a relationship with Christ
What do you love about living in your residence hall? I love the community in my hall
I am currently a: Senior
My major is: Health/Science
What is your favorite quote?  “Whatever you do, He (God) will make good of it. But not the good He had prepared for you if you had obeyed him” C.S. Lewis Perelandra