Douglas Women's - Sterling CollegeDouglas Men and Women's Halls are the first new residence halls since 1963 and the first new buildings since 1996 when Mabee Library was completed. Each hall houses 48 students and are set up as suite-style living. Twelve rooms, each with their own private bath, surround a common living area. The two halls are reserved for upperclassmen; one houses men and one houses women. A separate apartment houses the resident director for the two halls.

Douglas students can enjoy peaceful studying as well as social hangouts in the main lobby. On the bottom floor you can enjoy watching television on the big screen t.v or check your email on one of the three computers. Douglas Men and Women are the melting pots of Sterling as you can find a wide range of different personalities that make up the face of the dorms.

SC Dorms - Douglas X

Room Dimensions

Mattress 80” x 39”
Window Size 58 1/2” x 38”
Bathroom 7' x 7'
Bedroom 20' x 14'


Douglas Hall Resident Director

Brett Couture - Sterling CollegeBrett Couture - Resident Director / Student Success Assistant

Brett Couture is originally from Littleton, Colorado and is a Sterling College Alumni. He met his wife at SC and he now serves as a Resident Director for Student Life as well as providing academic support in the Office of Student Success.



Resident Assistants:

Modene Watie - Sterling CollegeResident Assistant 1st floor - Modene Watie





Sydney Bangert - Sterling CollegeResident Assistant 2nd floor - Sydney Bangert