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Mission Statement:

The mission of the English Blend is to promote writing on the Sterling College campus through meetings and events centered around inspiring creativity, to encourage writers by providing feedback and critique circles in order to become more effective writers, to serve writers by being a resource that helps writers achieve publication and publicity, and to build a community of writers.

The English Blend is an organization that offers the Sterling community with a creative outlet that promotes the arts and literature. The club provides writers with weekly meetings focused on peer evaluation, and public sharing of the student's own work. We also conduct monthly events such as writing workshops, critique circles for poetry and prose, a book club, public poetry readings, trips to visit famous writers, dramatic readings, write nights, and events centered on promoting writing atmosphere. Also, the Great Plains Review, a student literary magazine, is annually published. There is a double meaning to the name of the club. Not only do we serve coffee and tea at every meeting, we are also the blend of writers here in the Sterling community varying from experienced to inexperienced, poetry to prose to drama, and those who write for leisure to those with professional ambitions.

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A message to Incoming Students and Alumni

Thank you for visiting our site. We would like to offer an extended invitation to Incoming Students and Alumni interested in having their work published. Please submit your work to our head editor Lexi at, and two works will be selected to be published in the, "Great Plains Review."

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