Evans - Sterling CollegeThis women's dorm has the capacity for 100 students. The rooms are arranged in two-room suites which can accommodate up to four women. The bedroom has two twin-size bunk beds with mattresses (may be regular twin size or extra-long twin), closets, dressers, and mirrors. The adjoining study room has four desks with desk lights, bookshelves, bulletin boards, and four desk chairs. Mini-blinds are provided in both rooms.  Evans Hall rooms are now carpeted.

Staying in Evans Hall will definitely contribute to living the quintessential college experience. The dorm is also known for its upbeat atmosphere, ring ceremonies, and great amount of Evans pride.

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Room Dimensions

Mattress 80” x 39” (Average; please note that some mattresses are regular twin and some are extra-long twin)
Window Size 62” x 50”
Bedroom 17’ x 11’6”
Study Room 17’ x 91”

Emilie Heinl - Evans Hall Resident Director

Emilie Heinl - Sterling College Emilie Heinl comes to Kansas from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. She is a recent college graduate from Waynesburg University, in which she received her Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology. Emilie fell in love with Student Life when serving as a Resident Assistant at her university. She loves the opportunity to serve others through doing life alongside students and being so closely available to encourage other young women. Emilie also loves to bake cookies for others and adores how Student Life gives her so many opportunities to use this talent to serve others. Emilie also loves traveling and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ! She has fallen in love with Sterling College and is grateful to be a new member of the community here.

Resident Assistants:

Sydney Bangert - Sterling CollegeSydney Bangert (2nd South)





Mackenzie Owens - Sterling CollegeMackenzie Owens (2nd North)





Grace Chavez - Sterling CollegeGrace Chavez (1st North)





Modene Watie - Sterling CollegeModene Watie (1st South)