Kilbourn Hall is a men's residence hall that houses a maximum of 200 students. Rooms are arranged in two-room suites which can accommodate up to four students. The bedroom has two twin-size bunk beds with mattresses (mattresses may be regular twin or extra-long twin), closets, dressers, and mirrors. The adjoining study room has four desks with desk lights, bulletin boards, bookshelves, and desk chairs.

Many students who reside in Kilbourn Hall bring big pieces of carpet along with rugs to provide both a better cushion to their floor as well as a unique atmosphere to their specific room. Kilbourn hall also has two main lobbies accompanied with big screen televisions and furniture, along with a small computer lab designed to promote students' education and provide a place of study.

Many of the residents that live in Kilbourn Hall are athletes. Often during Sundays and Monday nights you can hear many sports fans cheering for their favorite teams. If you are a big sports fan, then Kilbourn could be a good fit. Also, Playstation2 or 3 along with Xbox are another one of Kilbourn Halls most favorite activities. Many Students form leagues that last all semester and/or tournaments that last all night. So.... if you are a "gamer" Kilbourn could also be a good fit. The Resident Assistants of Kilbourn along with the Resident Director help plan fun activities for the residents of Kilbourn Hall throughout the year. One of the biggest points of focus for the Resident Assistants and the Resident Director is making sure to support the residents of Kilbourn in the activities they are involved in, so it is not rare to see Kilbourn Leadership in attendance at many of the sports games and/or other school activities.

SC Dorms - Kilbourn

Room Dimensions

Mattress 76” x 39” (Average; please note that mattresses may be regular twin or extra-long twin)
Window Size 54” x 49”
Bedroom 15’ x 10’3”
Study Room 17” x 9’6”



Jake Holland - Sterling CollegeJake Holland - Kilbourn Hall Resident Director





Tyus Hooks - Sterling CollegeTyus Hooks - Kilbourn Hall Assistant Resident Director

What's up everyone, my name is Tyus Hooks, but you can call me Ty! I am from Mississippi and a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). For the next two years, I'll be one of the graduate assistants for the women's basketball team here at Sterling!



Caleb Samson - Sterling CollegeCaleb Samson - Kilbourn Hall Assistant Resident Director





Resident Assistants:

A-100 - Matthew Albury





O-100 - Ethan Reichardson





A-200 - Zion Marshall





O-200 - Fabio Valori Cereto





Basement - Bryant Brown