The Mission of the Cultural Engagement Office is:

To create a space that allows employees and students from all backgrounds to have a kingdom mindset.

  • Actions or speech that do not align to our biblical values will be addressed by our Cultural Engagement leadership.
  • These standards are in place for the purpose of repentance, reconciliation, and restoration for the glory of God.


The Vision of the Cultural Engagement Office is:

To instill a culture of spiritual unity amongst employees and students at Sterling College. We seek to display the truth and grace of Christ to all people.

We hope to create an atmosphere:

  • That allows repentance to be displayed within our actions and speech.
  • To promote and foster an environment for biblical reconciliation.
  • In a spirit of gentleness, praying for restoration and spiritual maturity.   
  • Aim to strengthen and develop unity on our campus.


Core Values (As outlined by Micah 6:8)

Act Justly:

  • Recognizing injustice and taking a biblical approach to act.
  • Recognizing the Bible is the authoritative Word of God and not our culture.

Love Mercy:

  • Displaying forgiveness because without the shedding of blood of Jesus Christ there is no forgiveness of sin.
  • Forgiving because Jesus Christ forgave us of the great debt of sin.

Walking Humbly:

  • Having an open heart that steps towards repentance, reconciliation, and restoration.
  • Recognizing that God will guide us and will impart biblical discernment.
  • Actively seeking a relationship with God, in daily denying of oneself and surrender to Jesus Christ.


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