Welcome Sterling College Family & Friends!

You and your family are entering an exciting time. It’s time to help your student plan for their future and make some important choices.

For students, choosing Sterling College is the first step along the path to success. SC is an excellent choice for any student who wants to be challenged academically and be prepared for today’s highly competitive workplace. It’s a perfect place for students to spread their wings, to grow spiritually, and get involved in campus activities.

SC is ideal for students who desire personal assistance and support in their academic programs. The personal interaction with our faculty makes SC a wonderful learning environment for your student.

For family members, we realize that having a student start college is a tremendous time of change and growth. We recognize there may be still many questions left unanswered and many concerns still not discussed. The information provided throughout this handbook is meant as a resource guide. You will also find some helpful hints on how to handle situations that may arise.

Kimberly Christian
Vice President of Student Life