Caitlin Corn - Sterling College
Resident Director
Anthony Glaze - Sterling College
Grounds & Maintenance
Assistant Clinical Professor of Athletic Training
Assistant Professor of Language and Literature
Assistant Registrar
Josiah Gunn - Sterling College
Amanda Haberman - Sterling College
Clinical Instructor of Athletic Training
CFO, Financial Services
Head Football Coach
Head Volleyball Coach
Tiffiney Harms - Sterling College
Assistant Professor of Music; Co-Chair of Music
Emily Heinl - Sterling College
Resident Director
Timothy Hendrixson - Sterling College
Admissions Counselor
Sara Hiatt - Sterling College
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Administrative Assistant of Education
Artistic Director/Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
Professor of Biology
Head Tennis Coach
Tracy Isaac
Campus Visit Coordinator
Head Men's Basketball Coach
Admissions Assistant
Assistant Professor of Art & Design
Pro-Rata Assistant Professor for Exercise Science
Head Swimming Coach
Special Teams/Strength and Conditioning