Student Life

Meal Plans

If college is about sharing big ideas and discovering new people, then the Chartwells dining experience is the center of a vibrant academic life.

New Student Orientation

Sterling Dollar General stocks most items a student might need, including linens and personal toiletries. New students are encouraged to complete Personal Property Identification sheets at move-in which include model and identification numbers of electronics.

Suggested Items:


Emergency Information

In the case of an emergency facing the Sterling College campus, this space will be used to provide timely information for students, parents, faculty, staff, and other members of the College family. It will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.

Care Packet Ideas

Sending care packages to your student is one of the nicest things you can do. Receiving a package in the mail not only will make your student the envy of the residence hall, but it will also let them know you care. There are many times when a small gift can brighten up a bad day, a bad grade or a bad situation.

Cookies, granola bars, chocolate, macaroni and cheese, candy, dried fruit and nuts, soup, cereal, microwave popcorn.

The Freshmen Year

Your student’s first year is going to be one of many ups and downs. Being aware of what your student may be going through will better enable you to help ease them into their college transition.


1 Early summer anticipation
This is when high school seniors graduate and begin to look forward to the future. They have feelings of sadness, accomplishment, and anticipation.

2 Midsummer anxiety
Now they begin to realize that they will soon be less connected to home, family, friends, and the security that each offers.