Student Life

Differences Between High School and College

High School

• Teacher/Student Contact:
Teacher/student contact is closer and more frequent (5 days per week). Very little responsibility is placed on the student to attend class – they will attend class because they are already at school.

• Competition and Grades:
Academic competition is not as strong: good grades can be obtained with minimum effort.

• Status:
Students establish a personal status in academic and social activities based on family and community factors.

Parent Information

Welcome Sterling College Family & Friends!

You and your family are entering an exciting time. It’s time to help your student plan for their future and make some important choices.

For students, choosing Sterling College is the first step along the path to success. SC is an excellent choice for any student who wants to be challenged academically and be prepared for today’s highly competitive workplace. It’s a perfect place for students to spread their wings, to grow spiritually, and get involved in campus activities.

Study Hall

Study Hall is a service provided by the Academic Support Office, for students on academic probation, or on a voluntary basis for any student. It is a service that allows for students who struggle with time management to have a structured study time with the Academic Support Director, or an involvement director/coach.

If you would like to inquire more information about Study Hall, please contact the Academic Support Office at

Student Life Services

The fundamental purpose of the Student Life Office is to support the mission of Sterling College by facilitating the holistic development of students and by advancing the needs of the student body.

The Student Life Office strives to:

Sterling College's Assessment Results from the Higher Learning Commission

For colleges, the official news that they have been approved for reaccreditation is much like the diplomas their students receive during graduation: the "piece of paper" stands for a lot of hard work.

But it also symbolizes progress and success, which is why, when Sterling College's President Dr. Paul J. Maurer announced last week that the College had received an official 10-year reaccreditation, he said, "This is a truly significant moment for Sterling College. Join me in giving thanks to God for his goodness."

On the Spot Improv


To be a creative outlet for members and supporters of all things improvised. We aim at bringing the art of improv to light here at Sterling College, and provide another means of theatrical entertainment to the student body.


President - Darsha Bechard

Class: Junior
Major: Theatre Education