Student Life

Musicians at Sterling College


Our mission is to bring music to the college and beyond. Naturally there are so many ways to do this, but we would like to include more student participation, such as getting a small quartet for an event. Through music, we hope to bring people together and facilitate an environment conductive for learning of one's self and the spirit.


To promote music within the student body. By the time we leave this place, we would love to see many of the community band members involved, and maybe a few ensembles would rise up from that.

Campbell Hall Organization


To uplift a positive, enthusiastic, creative, and gentlemen-like male force who lead by example, utilizing the rich traditions of - upstanding men residing within - Campbell Hall.


I. Instill brotherhood beginning within Campbell and moving out to the campus.

  1. Holding events that encourage community.
  2. Looking for opportunities to build community.

II. Establish a network of communication between students and officer.