Pursuit - Sterling College

Pursuit is a group of student worship leaders who are dedicated to excellence in their craft and to providing a meaningful worship experience that connects with others. Throughout scripture, Christians are reminded that if they seek the Lord, they will find Him. Through the presentation of their music, Pursuit hopes to lead worshipers into the presence of the Lord.

If you are interested in booking Pursuit for your worship service, retreat, camp, or special event, please contact Brett Callan.

Trinity Parriman
Kalasia Thomas
Jordan Harris
Modene Watie
Lexie Sutter
Matt Finley
Kim Loya-EnriquezTJ Ferri
Zion Bacci
Nick Amezol



Sterling College Lift and Pursuit

Just as the Lord lifts believers up throughout scripture, the student worship leaders of Lift desire to bring the worship services at Sterling College to a higher level through their musical abilities. Lift provides worship for chapel services on campus once each week, and for other campus functions as requested.

If you are a club or organization at Sterling College and would like for Lift (or individual members) to help lead worship at your event, please contact Brett Callan.

Lift is currently seeking members in order to field a full band. Please contact Brett Callan (brett.callan@sterling.edu) if you are an instrumentalist interested in auditioning for Lift.


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