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Campus Health Center

All visits to the health center must be made by appointment only after a prescreening by the nurse. Dana Ely, campus nurse, can be reached at 1-620-278-4505 or at to schedule. Masks are required by everyone entering the health center. No additional visitors are allowed in the health center with the patient being evaluated.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services are available to all students. Online counseling services will be available, especially for students in quarantine or isolation, students who cannot physically return to campus, or students who are in a vulnerable condition due to personal health conditions. In-person counseling services are available for initial assessments, crisis counseling, and counseling for individuals on a regular basis. All appointments will be by appointment only. Lydia Butner, Campus Counselor, can be reached at to schedule an appointment.

Wellness Tips

As we prepare to return to campus it is recommended we review and implement some basic wellness tips. Focusing on the wellness dimensions of exercise, sleep and nutrition becomes extremely important to strengthen our body’s ability to fight infection. Our immune system is one of our greatest defenses at preventing disease. The following tips are of importance:

  • Establish a regular sleep pattern of at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night
  • Develop appropriate sleep hygiene habits
  • Follow a balanced, healthy meal plan
  • Limit extra refined sugars which may impair our body’s immune response
  • Establish an exercise routine that is right for you focusing on 30 min/day, 5x’s weekly
  • Exercising outside is also a benefit to boost your Vitamin D levels which in turn helps decrease your risk of disease





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