Class Notes 1999

Tami Newkirk (biology & r/p)
Hi, there! We finally got faster internet (256) way over here in N. Africa, so I am excited to see this site. I guess it has been a while since anyone wrote! My husband & I have 3 kids--Sammy is 4, Leila 2, and Hannah 3months. I am a stay-at-home mom now, but will probably go back to teaching English with my husband at a college here in a couple of years. - 2007-09-22

Misi Bickel
My husband and I welcomed Andrew Eugene into our family on March 25th. He was 7lbs 7oz and 20 inches. - 2007-06-15

Class Notes 2002

Kristy (Kalivoda) Roszel (Christian Ed/Art)
Congratulations Judd and Joy!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of Jacob. And though I'm a little behind the times, congratulations to Seth and Amy for their 3rd miracle last Sept! Kellie girl, haven't heard from you in ages! John and I got married Sept 05 and moved to Wichita last year. No kids...yet. :) I try to get to Colorado whenever possible, but God continues to give me purpose in this place. Blessings, class of 02! - 2008-01-21

Class Notes 2003

Jennifer (Stinemetz) Wallman (El. Ed.)
Aaron & I had our 2nd baby...a boy! Jacob Scott was born on Aug. 31st. He was 8 lbs. 15 oz. 20 1/2". And has RED hair! yikes. That will be fun in about 6 months I'm sure ;o) We're still in Sterling. Aaron is working for Abby (Lang) Reed's dad in Burrton and really likes it (he's been there for over a year already). I'm still at home with the kiddos, loving it. - 2007-10-07

Class Notes 2005

Diana Cole (married name Keith) (undeclared)
Nice to see familiar names and catch up with a few. Living in Madison Indiana work as a Licensed Clincial Social Worker with the mentally ill. Married 21 years with a daughter turning 16 in 31 days!! YIKES (means she will be driving on her own in 60 days!) Blessings to all and may 2008 bring happiness, joy, and peace.- 2008-01-02