Alumni Constitution

By-Laws of the Alumni Association of Sterling College

Sterling, Kansas
September 22, 2012


Sec. 1 This organization shall be known as the Alumni Association of Sterling College.

ARTICLE II – Purpose

Sec. 1 The purpose of the Association shall be to foster and maintain a lifelong relationship with every alumnus holding a common interest in the welfare and advancement of the College.

ARTICLE III – Membership

Sec. 1 All graduates are, “ipso facto,” members of this Association.

Alumni Awards

Alumni recipients of the annual Alumni Awards and the biennial Fine Arts Hall of Fame and Athletic Hall of Fame Awards have distinguished themselves as discernibly different through personal and professional achievements and service. They illuminate the values of Sterling College by demonstrating professional excellence, investment in cultural change, community advancement and obedience to Christ's teaching. 

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Sterling College Alumni Association

Alumni Council Members

The Sterling College alumni are organized together as the Sterling College Alumni Association. They are represented as a whole by the Sterling College Alumni Council. According to the Constitution of the Alumni Association,