David Vandevort (History/poly sci)
Hello all, I'm currently living just east of Cleveland Oh. in Painesville, and am working in the aviation maintenance field in corporate aviation. My wife, Lynn is a stay-at-home, home-schooling wife, though I teach History and bible. I've heard from a few alumn and wouldn't mind hearing from others. How about you Kerry Morris? - 2007-06-18

Class Notes 1985

Brian Bay (History and Goverment)
Hello all you all. I am chairman of the Sterling College Athletic Hall of Fame. Send me an email. I will visit with anybody from our wonderful school, Sterling College, America. Remember always, if you didn't play ball at STERLING, you weren't a small college ball player. - 2006-12-13

Class Notes 1991

James Kame
Hello to anyone that can remember me and my thoughts and prayers to those who have family and friends down in Louisiana and Mississippi. I am looking for Caesar Jones, Reggie Crawford, Van Childress, Marc Shettleroe, Eddie 'Blue' Hopkins, and Abed Wahbeh. Caesar if you get this message and need help down in Alabama please contacet me. I miss all of you. - 2005-09-06

Class Notes 1992

Roger Reeve (Behavioral Science)
Just wanted to drop you guys a line and say nothing much has changed. This is a very feeble attempt to try to keep in touch.
-Roger - 2007-09-14

Richelle Naiman
Hello all... Just thought I'd pipe in since I saw my name show up in one of Roger's posts.... Hope you're all doing well, and in case I didn't mention it before: Paula, congrats! - 2007-08-07

Rodney(Rod) Dumond (Speech/ Theater)
Test. Is this thing on? What? It is typing everything I am saying? Cool!

Class Notes 1993

Susan Reed
Another update: I'm now living in Overland Park, KS, working for Sprint and Target. Also getting my Master's in Accounting and Finance Management: CPA Track from Keller Graduate School of Management (part of DeVry). Doesn't leave a lot of time for anything else! I will be at the big 120th Reunion this summer, though, so I hope to see some of you there! - 2007-05-23

Lisa Scullen (Putt) (Elementary Education)
Just an update...I got married to Mark Scullen on February 17, 2007. We live in Akron, Ohio where we both teach school. - 2007-05-09

Class Notes 1995

Jennifer Masar (Losey) (Behavioral Science)
Hi all. Patrick and I have been in Wheaton for 5 years. We have 2 daughters, Cora (6 yrs old) and Amelia (1 in Sept). Cora is learning at home this year which has been an amazing experience. Amelia became a Masar through adoption at just 3 days old. We run our own business which has been quite an adventure. We'd love to hear from some old classmates! - 2007-05-19