Heritage Collection

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The Heritage Collection of Sterling College Mabee Library consists of materials and writings of Sterling College alumni, former/current administration, faculty, staff, students and Board of Trustee members. Books including detailed biographical accounts of the same may be included.

Types of materials include but are not limited to: books, articles, CDs, DVDs, records and tapes.

These materials are donated to the library as the library does not have funds to purchase them. Those wishing to donate to the Heritage Collection are asked to submit a list of materials to the Library Director for evaluation. The selected materials donated become the property of the library and will not be returned to the donor.

The Library Director reserves the right to select, catalog, display, circulate and care for these materials. Should the need arise to withdraw the materials from the collection due to condition, the Library Director will dispose of them.

If the donor or donor’s family desires to have the materials returned to them when the materials are withdrawn from the collection; that desire must be stipulated in writing and filed with the Library Director at the time of donation.

If a gift receipt is desired, the donor must attach a listing of materials. For income tax purposes, value will be determined by used book prices available through internet sources.

Heritage materials that go to the archives are limited to those that have direct historical bearing upon the College. These include writings of College president, history of College buildings, ROUNDUP (yearbook of College), STIR (student newspaper detailing interests of students), College publications that reflect matters of historical importance to the College – e.g. Alumni Directories, Board of Trustee Reports, etc.

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