Lazerrick Young

Sterling strives to develop leaders

After football practice one day last week, one of my football coaches was getting ready to
water our practice football field. I asked if he needed help and he said yes, so I gave him my assistance. As I was pulling this water hose to the other side of the field a teammate of mind asked why was I being so generous? “People in this world don’t do anything for free anymore.” His statement made me contemplate about people not doing anything in this world for free anymore. I concluded that he was wrong. There are millions of people that volunteer their time to different organizations or other different venues. However, the question I must answer is why I should be involved in a service project.

I believe that it is the responsibility of the citizens of this nation to do their part in order for us to have a comfortable lifestyle. It is my responsibility too, as a human being, to help my community in any ways possible. If people don’t take pride in their community, then who will? If every community across the United States wasn’t stable, that would cause a ripple effect with other communities. So it is my duty to be a mature adult. I must first observe and see what needs to be changed. After observing, I must then pinpoint the different changes and see if my aid will be useful. While there may be many things that I could do, one person can only do so much. Then I must take action, and actually serve. Many people can come up with different examples of what is wrong in their community, but only a few will actually decide to act upon those complaints. The United States is a democratic nation. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every citizen to make sure we all have a stable place to live. I was taught that it is always better to give then it is to receive. I am not fortunate enough to be able to give money, so giving my service is the next best thing. My fraternity’s motto is “culture for service, and service for humanity.” My fraternity is a service-based fraternity. Also, my profession expects that I should bring about social change. Attending Sterling College has also pushed me to want to be more involved with my community. A key goal this institution has is to make its students into servant leaders just as Jesus was. In order to be a servant leader, a person must realize that they must serve others respectfully. American citizens have more free time on their hands than years before. Putting my time to civic use would be a nice act of kindness. If we don’t take care of our homes and communities, then we can not expect anybody to be responsible for them.

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